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Dirty Bastards Dirty Bastards

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice but probably not what you were aiming for

Basically for a track that is called 'Dirty Bastards' it doesn't sound all that dirty.
It's well put together, sounds nice but is utterly unoffensive to anyone. I would say this is like the Coldplay of electronic music but that's a bit too cruel.

To me this sounds a bit like the backing track to a La Roux song or some sort of game menu music, and I really don't think that's what you were aiming for with Aphex Twin meets Ratatat.

It's not nearly rhythmically nor sonically complex and interesting enough to be likened to Aphex, and it lacks the attitude that Ratatat has. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this is very safe and quite bland and I think you should push the boat out more. Have a dirtier bassline that cuts and doesn't just plod along, have more exciting drums, possibly some sampling, ever thought about trying to use some glitch beats?

If however this style of music is what you're going for then all I can say is that it's not like Ratatat nor Aphex, but it is good for what it's worth. Personally I find it relatively uninteresting and unexciting so it's hard for me to give critique on it's own merits other than branch out more with your synth tones, you can definitely afford to be a bit more layered.

Alternatively get yourself a female vocalist or something and try for the whole La Roux sort of thing, but even so you're going to need more aggression in your drums and your bass.

So overall, not bad, just not great. It's nice but 'nice' was probably not what you were aiming for.

HarraH responds:

I really appreciate the criticism man, also the La Roux dig was humorous. Yes I suppose my music is very low key... It's more the type that you chill to and zone out to... I do need to work on my songs becoming more... engaging, your constructive words will definitely have an impact on my next work :)

I wrote Aphex Twin/Ratatat because the way I had done the reverb hits accompianment was inspired by aphex twin as were the chilled synth plucks, and the heavier, more natural sounding bass towards the end seemed to have an aspect of Ratatat or something.

As for the title? I was feeling ironic.

Once again, thanks!

Friend Zone Friend Zone

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Needs work but potential nonetheless

Ok for you, criticism is easy. Meet these pointers and the song will sound so much better.

1. Tune the guitar before recording. I shouldn't need to mention this but you should never ever forget this! I'll let you off this time, if I catch you doing it again I'll cut yer ear off.

2. Learn to play the song better, you should be able to play it with you're eyes closed. Sometimes you sound like you're stumbling over parts and it just detracts from the whole thing.

3. Practice singing more. Your voice sounds immature and unsteady and the only way to improve this is to sing and sing alot. Just keep practising, pushing your range and your voice until you have control over it like a well exercised muscle. And don't sing through your nose so much.

4. Sing louder, and clearer, prouder. Make me feel what you're trying to say. Your singing lacks conviction and with a song like this you want to make your audience feel it. Especially on parts like 'get the fuck out of the friend zone.'
Mean what you say!

5. Either revise the lyrics or revise the rhythm in the vocal part. In parts it sounds quite awkward so change one or the other.

6. Keep the same tempo all the way through. It feels as if the song was awkwardly stitched together from two separate parts. Some songs benefit from rapid tempo changes, this one I doubt would so keep your timing consistent and let it groove more.

Stick to those pointers and this song should improve massively. Good luck!

Sawdust responds:

Thanks man. I know it's not exactly John Mayer, but I guess I rushed recording it. I mean I got a nice progression and wrote the rest in 5 minutes, so then I guess I should have practiced more.

Also about my singing, well, I mean I'm only 14, I can't really sing in a regular range without singing crap, so yeah. I'm not a singer by trade either. Whatever.

Thanks for the advice!

Link - ASH Link - ASH

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

You need to learn how to mix better

Before I get into it any further, the most glaring flaw in this song is that it's horribly mixed and mastered.

I was fine with the keyboards at the beginning even if the auto-pan was a bit too much but when the drums came in, it was awful. The whole thing is just far too compressed to the point where there was no definition in anything, just noise. First step to improving this track would be to ease off the compressor as the whole thing just sounds crushed. I downloaded to see if it was the newgrounds player compressor doing it but it's in the original mp3 and it's terrible.

As for composition, it's all right, but it doesn't really go anywhere. The drums plod along all the way through and the melodic parts are fairly uninspired.

I'm sorry to be harsh but if I just told you you were doing well you'd get nowhere and I doubt you'd appreciate that.

The currency of success is failure, you're going to fail a lot before you make something utterly brilliant. Consider this one of the fails on your path to brilliance.

bullygil responds:

Thanks for this.I really needed someone to tell me for real if it's good or not.I will stop uploading for now and I will work on my songs harder.
Again thank you for your review:).

Je cherche la musique Je cherche la musique

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I can tell this was whipped up perty quick

Most of that was just electronic noise, and not the cool aesthetic good kind, there was a considerable amount of tonal dissonance but it wasn't even used to good effect. It just sounded messy

The drums themselves seemed out of place and basically in my ears everything was clashing, badly.

I don't mean to dissuade you at all, keep making music, keep experimenting and uploading it but next time I think you should spend more time on it.

maxman43 responds:

thanks for the feedback.

&amp;lt;Electric City&amp;gt; <Electric City>

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice but could do with some variation

I like the way this is composed, has a nice vibe to it. The problem is that it's suffering a bit in the way that Jazz-Funk does in that although sounding and feeling good, it takes a while to get to the point and does a lot of repetition. And man that's cool, repetition is good and all but once you've established the groove it needs to go somewhere and that's the problem with this; it doesn't.

The opening is promising, comes in with a twiddly little synth pattern, an nice deep bass line and then the drums hit the groove. Nice. Problem is it doesn't develop much beyond that. No new ideas come to the table and it just stays the same for four minutes when I was really hoping for some variation.

All this said you may have just wanted this to be used in a flash or to be remixed somehow and in that sense it achieves it well as it isn't in anyway obtrusive. Also singing your praises, it's well produced and ultimately has a nice feel too it. Drums are nice and punchy like they should be.

Overall good job but I'd like to hear some more variation.

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DrWaldo responds:

Yeah i was actually worried about the repetition, although i did remix already but it basically has the same pattern with new drums , and bass. Its alot slower also. But thanks for the crit :D